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Busy day

This was a busy day. I started to work on my friends/community list :)

I am very happy with it right now.

I also had some good advice on nipple torture... which I like the most...

Anyone else wants to share something about homemade stuff ofr nipple torture ?

P.S.- Tomorrow I'll have time for a long bath... which means ass play :D
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I noticed the post where you asked for advice on that. I'd second the advice about not sleeping with clamps on. You don't want to cut off the circulation to your nipples. :(
Thank you once more for beeing so kind :). I will not do it. Anyway, if you want to suggest anything... :D

Well, I don't know what you already know about to do with them.

Pulling several off at once hurts, if you haven't already done that.

I don't know if you're going to shop for any kinky toys, or just make your own -- but if you do buy any:

If you get actual clamps that are chained together, playing with that can be fun. They also make clamps connected to a cock ring (like this:

Obviously, not having a cock I don't know how it actually feels... but I know that playing with a guy who had that on was very exciting, because I could pull on various parts of it at different times and get different reactions. *grin* You could do the same thing yourself.
mmm Well, I've done the pulling off several at once thing... i just love it :D.
Eventually I'll shop for some, but for now i must keep onto homemade :(. Cockrings and clamps altogether sound great... damn... i get turned on too easily ;).

Thank you so much for advising :D

:worship: :)
Cockrings and clamps altogether sound great

It's definitely fun to play with someone wearing them... :)
i bet it is... :D :)