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Bath fun

Well, it was really good today. I went to the bathroom and put on my clotspins, 3 in each nipple. Then i jumped on in the tub and put the water on, always touching my cock. That was when i prepared the plunger. Lubbed it and sat on it slowly, riding it for a while... feeling my prostate beeing teased. My nipples didn't hurt too much at the time... so i twisted them a bit.

Passed on to the cocumber... lubbed it a lot, and started the insertion... never stoping to touch my cock. I felt really streched out... went on for a few minutes and got back to the plunger, so i could have both hands free... So i jerked off as i was taking the pins off... and finally exploded...

Except for pain... all men should really try anal play... it feels so good when the prostate is teased...mmm i could cum right on.
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